How Can You Pack It All In And Not Feel Stressed?

How can you pack it all in and not feel stressed?

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How many of you reading this post feel constantly pulled in multiple directions, which leaves loads if unfinished "business"? Now, I'm not just talking about work, tasks, cleaning and other daily unavoidable projects... what about family time, goal setting and most importantly YOUR HEALTH!? I often hear that it's not possible to do it all. While I agree with that, I think it is possible to get most things done without stress!  How? It takes planning! Those of you who know me know that I love a good schedule, routine and plan of action! In my world its called a war plan and I develop it on Sunday night to get my week started right. Every day I carve away time for my spouse, my son, my practice, my health (mental and physical) and I even put some time for fun in there. Planning comes naturally to me, but I promise if that is not one of your strong suits after a couple weeks it will start becoming second nature. Having a plan for the week really allows me to leave the stress behind and know that all my ducks are in a row. That means when I'm at work and with my patients, my whole focus is on them and visa versa for my home life.  Do you need help coming up with a plan of attack and formulating your war plan? Message or email me to see an example of what my week looks like and how I squeeze it all in with less stress!



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