"I had numbness in my hands, headaches, and backaches since 1986. I tried everything - muscle relaxers, Physical Therapy and pain meds. It made me depressed and I felt like I couldn't do anything. Now I have no headaches and feel 10x's better that I have in a long time."

Barry W.

"The team is always willing and able to answer questions and help me with whatever I need. The doctors help me with all aspects of my health."

Joan S.

She saved my career. I have been in the massage industry for several years and injury plagued me. After coming to Venice Village Chiropractic I have a whole new outlook on chiropractic and my health. I no longer have injury and I am able to work for as long as I want - which is critical to my business. I can't say enough about the care in this office.

Jody P.

"I had a major lack of energy and self confidence. I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. I have experiences great results - I feel great, have lost 10 lbs. and am full of energy. I now have my self-confidence back and am loving life again."

Corinne P.

I had numbness in my hands and arms and limited motion in my neck. When I try to pick up things I drop them a lot and it concerned me since I am a police officer. I had tried everything to fix it. I am now able to play tennis again and the symptoms have resolved. I am very excited about my results! This has been an excellent investment in my health! In addition, I have lost 31 pounds!

Tony F.

I love the education components and the Maximized Living approach to care. I have made significant changes in my eating and living. Dr. Leigh has consistently shown me expertise, concern and compassion during my path toward health.

Steve R.

I've been going to chiropractors for the majority of my life but still had symptoms. Now at 80 I feel better than I have in years. The numbness in my hands in completely gone. I've suffered from colitis since I had my back surgery and I haven't had symptoms of that since I started seeing Dr. Leigh in December. I'm so glad I decided to try another approach.

Kathy H.

Thank you for the years of service to correct my spine and give me a genuine feeling of good health. I learned a lot from the workshops both about cancer and how to prevent it. My new diet has become a life style and helps with that feeling of good health. My husband says that he feels continued relief from his sciatica problems and that makes me feel good.

Cindy J.


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