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Pregnancy in a Nutshell

Pregnancy is commonly described as one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can have and one of the most stressful. It does scare many first-time parents since there are so many myths on what you should and shouldn't do. This article will assist you in understanding what to anticipate during pregnancy and how to prepare for the experience.

How Pregnancy Affects the Body

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman's life. Though it comes with a lot of joys, it also brings many changes to your body. You get to feel a new life growing inside you and bond with your baby before it's even born (although some women do struggle with bonding). Your partner will be extremely excited and supportive throughout the entire pregnancy, which makes the whole process feel a lot less scary.

However, there are also some downsides to pregnancy. For example, you can expect to feel extremely tired for the first few months of your pregnancy since the hormones in your body will cause fatigue. To combat this problem, you must get enough sleep each night, no matter how difficult that might sometimes be. You'll also likely have some morning sickness in the beginning stages of your pregnancy, but that's just another reason to get plenty of rest.

The body's greatest adjustments during pregnancy are experiencing some aches and back pain during your third trimester since this is when the baby's weight starts to strain your back and your hips and pelvis go through some significant changes. Aside from that, it also restricts you from doing daily activities that you might enjoy. For example, it can be tough to go for a run when your joints and muscles feel like they're filled with lead. If this sounds unbearable, then it's okay to scale back on your fitness routine during your pregnancy. 

However, no matter how much you exercise, it's still important to be active daily. Chiropractors can assist you with this by providing pregnancy chiropractic care.

Who Are Pregnancy Chiropractors?

Pregnancy chiropractors are a type of medical professional who focuses on the adjustment and manipulation of your spine. They will use their expertise to ensure that you have an easier time carrying your baby during pregnancy and ensure that there won't be any problems with your developing child. At Dr. Leigh Sierra, we can help you stay in good health throughout the entire pregnancy by ensuring that your back and hips remain pain-free. 

Chiropractic And Pregnancy: Worth the Wait

Pregnancy is a special time, but it also comes with its own set of aches and pains. That's why so many pregnant women are turning to chiropractors like us for help. It may seem like an unusual choice, but research proves that it's quite safe and can help pregnant women relax and feel more comfortable.

When you first see a chiropractor, they'll take some measurements by performing an orthopedic and neurological exam. From there, we will create a specific plan for your treatment that's designed to accomplish three goals:

  • ease the pain through spinal adjustments
  • encourage proper posture, so you avoid any additional pain
  • support the health of your baby.

As your chiropractor, we will work closely with you throughout your pregnancy to ensure that everything's going smoothly for both you and the baby. For example, if there's a problem with one or more areas of your spine that can lead to difficulties during pregnancy, they'll likely take corrective measures right away.

Once you've given birth, we will continue working with you for a short period until your pain is completely under control.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Chiropractors are experts in prenatal wellness, which means we can provide you with helpful tips on how to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. You'll get advice about posture, nutrition, weight gain, exercise, and even methods of relieving stress. Many pregnant women find that pregnancy chiropractic care is extremely effective since they help improve the mother's overall health and wellness. Being healthy while you're pregnant will ensure that your unborn baby stays happy and healthy too! Some benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy are:

  • Pregnancy can be a stressful experience. Pregnancy chiropractic care will ensure that your nervous system is properly functioning, and they'll treat all of the underlying ailments that might be causing some of those stress symptoms.
  • Pregnancy is physically strenuous on your body, and many joints and muscles throughout your body go through some changes as you make room for your baby. 
  • Pregnancy chiropractic care at Dr. Leigh Sierra Venice, FL. can assist in keeping your joints and muscles flexible by keeping the ligaments in the pelvis stretched out, which results in a lot less pain and discomfort. Chiropractic adjustments at our clinic are also very gentle, so there's no need to worry about being exposed to some sort of dangerous invasive procedure. Pregnancy chiropractic is very safe for both you and your baby.
  • Pregnancy can also take a toll on your moods since pregnancy hormones increase your sensitivity to feeling emotional. Pregnancy chiropractors can treat these symptoms by removing any kind of stress or tension in your body, which improves your moods.
  • Pregnancy chiropractors are experts in pregnancy wellness, which means that they can help you with any complications that arise during your pregnancy. Pregnancy chiropractic is a great way to prevent yourself from experiencing additional pain throughout your pregnancy due to certain issues that might arise.
  • Pregnancy chiropractic is considered to be very safe, especially when compared to other types of treatments. Dr. Leigh Sierra will make sure that your body's nervous system is properly functioning before taking any sort of action. Pregnancy chiropractic techniques are gentle, which means they won't cause damage or expose your baby to any unnecessary risks.
  • Pregnancy chiropractic is especially helpful for women expecting twins or triplets since there's more than one baby inside your belly. Pregnancy chiropractors can make sure that you'll be able to carry these babies in comfort by keeping the ligaments in the pelvis stretched out, which results in a lot less pain and discomfort.
  • Pregnancy chiropractors use a holistic approach to treating pregnant women. Pregnancy is very stressful on the body, so being aware of your stress levels and taking care of yourself is important for staying healthy. Pregnancy Chiropractors will teach you how to manage your stress levels to ensure that both you and your baby stay as healthy and comfortable as possible for the duration of your pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy chiropractors can also provide you with tips on preventing strain injuries, treating minor aches and pains, and stretching out any of the muscles or ligaments that may feel a bit too tight. Pregnancy is an exhausting experience, so you must know how to stretch out your muscles and rest when necessary.

Is Chiropractic Treatment During Pregnancy Safe?

One of the most common questions that Pregnancy Chiropractors get is whether pregnancy Chiropractic care is safe. Pregnancy chiropractic isn't considered a dangerous type of treatment since there's no need for you to take any sort of medication, nor will it ever put your baby at risk by exposing him/her to some sort of invasive procedure. It is very safe for both the mother and the baby, which is why Pregnancy Chiropractors will always ask you questions about your health to ensure that Pregnancy Chiropractic treatment won't pose any risks for you or your baby. You can also feel confident knowing Pregnancy chiropractors are experts in Pregnancy wellness. They will always make sure that Pregnancy chiropractic treatments won't have any negative effects before taking action.

Does Chiropractic Treatment During Pregnancy Hurt?

Another common question that pregnant women have is whether or not any type of chiropractic treatment during pregnancy will hurt. It's important to remember that Pregnancy Chiropractors are experts in prenatal wellness, which means they can provide you with gentle and safe adjustments without causing any sort of pain or discomfort, even if you're having a rough day. It's also important to know that chiropractors will only take action once they've made sure Pregnancy Chiropractic treatment won't put your baby at risk by exposing him/her to any unnecessary risks.


If you're planning on getting pregnant, then it's important to visit us at Dr. Leigh Sierra Venice, FL. as soon as possible so they can ensure that everything goes as planned. Most of the changes you'll go through are completely natural, so try not to be too concerned if you experience some minor aches and pains. We can help you feel better throughout the entire pregnancy process by using natural techniques that won't cause problems for your child or pregnancy. For inquiries and schedules, call (941) 244-9028.

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