Why Should Nutritional Counseling be Part of Your Chiropractic Care?

Do you know what is in your food? Do you know how it affects your health and well-being? If not, then nutritional counseling can help. People would live off of what they hunted, grew, or gathered from the land in the past. Now that our diet consists primarily of processed foods with little to no nutrition information available, many Americans suffer from serious illnesses such as obesity and diabetes. That's why providing patients with knowledge about their food choices is so important.

In Venice, Florida, Chiropractor Dr. Leigh Sierra has been helping people to live a pain-free life for years. One of the many treatments that she provides is Nutritional Consultations as part of her chiropractic care. This article will teach you what nutritional consultations are and how they can help improve your health, along with chiropractic care and a holistic approach.

How Does Nutritional Counseling Work?

Dr. Leigh Sierra assesses your nutrition to have enough data and determine how to improve your health. She then develops a personalized nutritional program for you based on your goals and needs. She also recommends some products that might be good additions to supplement your diet or lifestyle changes, such as Omega or Protein Powder.

The Importance Of Nutritional Counseling As Part Of Chiropractic Care

Nutritional counseling is essential in chiropractic care because it helps patients reach their health goals by understanding how food affects mood, weight, and energy. It can also help with relieving stress as well. Nutritional counseling will continue to be an essential part of our Chiropractic approach here in Venice, Florida because everyone deserves the chance for a healthy life.

Dr. Sierra enumerates some of the most notable factors why nutritional counseling helps in holistic chiropractic care:

  • It helps to provide necessary information on how food is processed and digested.
  • It enables the patient with a better understanding of diet choices for healthier living.
  • It helps identify appropriate foods from those that are not necessary or healthy for our body type, lifestyle habits, and health goals. 
  • It provides an opportunity to implement new behaviors into your life by learning about what you should be eating.
  • It maximizes the benefits of other chiropractic interventions.

Proper nutrition is the key to maintaining musculoskeletal health. Suppose you seek chiropractic care for an injury or just general maintenance. In that case, your success depends on a healthy diet and lifestyle. Well, even minor nutritional mishaps can take away from all of that hard work with your chiropractor.

What Do Nutritional Counseling Include?

Nutritional Counseling in Venice, Florida, helps guide you to eating healthier food choices at home or when eating out. It also provides an individualized plan for each patient, aiming to reduce obesity rates, improve one's well-being and increase life expectancy. We have already mentioned many health benefits, but there are many more, like increased stamina and positive moods. Nutritional counseling will continue to be an essential part of our Chiropractic Care here in Venice, Florida.

Nutritional counseling includes personalized nutrition plans, discussions on healthy dietary habits, and lifestyle changes. Specifically, it includes the following:

  • Detailed evaluation includes diet history, blood pressure, BMI (Body Mass Index), cholesterol level, and possible lab testing if needed
  • Recommendations about dietary supplements are required or helpful such as Omega-three fatty acids, protein, or turmeric supplementation.   
  • Individualized plans include detailed instructions on eating habits and foods to avoid and lessen symptoms and improve well-being.
  • Follow-up visits to track progress and ensure that the individual's needs are being met.

What Types of Nutrients Can Be Added to Your Diet?

Suppose you are looking for ways to get more nutrients in your diet without eating loads of vegetables or doing a ton of meal prep. In that case, Dr. Leigh Sierra recommends some nutritional products that can help. She often recommends protein powder, green food powder, and Omega-three fish oil capsules as great sources of nutrients for the body. All of which will promote heart health while also promoting brain function. 

  1. Vegetables: Eating vegetables will help you have a healthier body. Vegetables contain properties that can help fight spinal issues like inflammation and pain. Kale, broccoli, spinach are all great for fighting back problems with your spine because they provide nutrients to strengthen it.
  2. Salmon: Wild-caught salmon is a great source of lean protein, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3s promote bone and tissue health while fighting inflammation like other leafy green vegetables.
  3. Fruits: The best types of fruit you can have are the ones with vibrant colors. If that's not enough to convince you, remember that fruits also have sugar in them, making it easy for people like me who love sweets and desserts too much but know they're bad for their health. Berries are particularly great because they help prevent spine-related diseases by providing antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamin C.
  4. Avocado: Avocados are a great source of fats, fiber, and potassium. They can be used in many ways, such as guacamole dip or on toast with eggs for breakfast to get your day started right.

Benefits of Nutritional Consultation

You might ask yourself, "Why do I Need Nutritional Counseling"? The answer is a healthy lifestyle. You might know that achieving your weight management goals, reducing fatigue, and increasing energy levels are all part of a healthy lifestyle. But did you also know that nutritional counseling can help relieve stress?

There are many benefits of nutritional consultation with Dr. Leigh Sierra, the Venice chiropractor, including weight management, fatigue relief, increased energy and stamina levels, and positive moods.

The following are some of the benefits of receiving a nutritional consultation in chiropractic care:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved mood with less anxiety or depression 
  • Increased energy levels  
  • Improved GI tract health, including lower risk of colorectal cancer caused by constipation or irritable bowel syndrome and better nutrient absorption, can lead to healthier lifestyle habits for years after treatment. 
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Better memory
  • Better looking skin from the inside out with healthier body weight, hair loss will slow down in those who are suffering from it.
  • Nails can grow faster and stronger, which is vital for people who use their hands. It often improves heart health by helping you lower cholesterol levels and manage blood sugar levels through diet alone. 
  • Reduced risk of cancer when following nutritional counseling plan completing proper nutritional counseling.
  • Reduction in adult-onset diabetes
  • Reduced symptoms and severity of fibromyalgia, hypertension, lupus, arthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis are all inflammatory diseases.
  • Increased energy levels because you are feeding your body what it needs to function properly.
  • It decreases depression by alleviating factors associated with high stress and mood swings due to toxic overloads.
  • Better quality sleep because when you're eating nutrient-dense foods, that food will help you feel full quicker during the day so that way at night time when you should be winding and not sleeping.

Nutritional counseling should be part of your Chiropractic Care. Dr. Leigh Sierra is a Venice, Florida chiropractor that offers nutritional consultations as one of the services she provides in her office on a daily basis. This article discusses what Nutritional Consultations are and their importance.

In summary, chiropractic care is an important part of your body's health. It can help you manage pain and decrease future problems like arthritis. But it's not enough for a healthy lifestyle if you don't have the necessary nutritional support that every human needs to thrive. 

We know that many people with chronic illness or injury experience weight loss and malnutrition. Their ability to digest food has been compromised due to a lack of stomach acid or digestive enzymes from medications, surgery, and inappropriate medical interventions. 

Therefore, Dr. Leigh Sierra highlights the importance of nutritional counseling in chiropractic care. Besides regular spinal adjustments, nutritional counseling is one way to holistically care for every patient. The combination will enhance the healing process while improving well-being over time. 

Your chiropractor at Venice, Florida - Dr. Leigh Sierra, is a valuable resource for all your health needs. Nutrition counseling should be an essential part of that care. For more information about how we can help you achieve optimum wellness through nutrition, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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